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When I first started this blog a couple of years ago I actually AGONIZED over my “about me” page.  Not so much these days. I am who I am.

The best things to know about me are that I’m a black woman, I’m a black mother, I’m a black daughter, I’m a black sister, I’m a black sister friend, and I’m blackity black black black. No apologies for it in the least.  I’m also a writer, curator, artist, mystic, and journal alchemist that facilitates platforms, content, products, and safe spaces for Black Women to learn how to embrace and experience unapologetic expression in everyday life so that they can go on and birth unapologetic joyful and confident black girls and black boys.

I also host a couple of podcasts with my friends. One’s called Retroscope (nope) and the other’s called The Fearless Mystic where I talk shit about a lot of things lol…mainly from a black (there’s that word again), womanist, Millennial/Gen Xer perspective.

I also facilitate a periodic journal writing series called The Fearless Mystic Sessions: The Journal Kickback. There I introduce the principles of journal writing but with a twist that includes topics that are meant to empower Black women and the community as a whole.  Everything I do is with a “Southern living in the North” perspective since I’m from Birmingham, AL but I now live in the Washington, D.C. area.

My general attitude? Combating our habit of tearing each other down. Creating an environment of CONSISTENT support among black women and ultimately the black community.  I’ll let Gabrielle talk about the attitude that I want to see destroyed as well as the attitude that must be taken by us when it’s time to hold each other accountable.

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