When You Journal So Hard, You Have A Crew

Hey family! I hope everyone’s doing fine on this Indigenous People’s Day!

So…I have an announcement that I’m really proud of and I hope you are too.

After having so much fun doing my “When We Journal, We Journal Hard” course (which is still happening by the way), it became crystal clear to me that there’s a whole community of people out there that really want to get into journal writing. So…I and The Shy Peacock Lifestyle (which is me lol) have put together a program called The Shy Peacock Journal Collective!

Journal collective? Um…what does that even mean? Well, to answer my own questions, a journal collective is a program that will help you grow in your journal writing.  The way I look at is that when you write in a journal or a diary, you gain clarity.  When you gain clarity, you make better choices and decisions.  When you make better choices and decisions, you grow the quality of your life exponentially, and who doesn’t want super high quality of life? And high quality living is the goal of this program.

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly journal prompts that are curated with the goal of evolution and progress in mind.
  • Access to weekly videos/classes that give you insight into how to make the journal prompts work for you, as well as tools to make life better in other areas.
  • Admission to a Facebook group where you can receive all types of resources and information to help you even more.
  • A skill that is priceless.
  • A repertoire for being the best legacy builder you can be.
  • Information that can be shared and passed on to younger generations.
  • Real control over the story of your experience.
  • And even more tools to make your life and your loved ones’ lives better.

Here’s the kicker…you get all of that for only $5 a month. That’s all.

Sound interesting? Cool! Click here to learn more and sign up!

One more thing…do you need journal supplies or other tools to help you get yo’ life?  Well click here and visit The Shy Peacock Lifestyle Shop and check out some of my favorite items!  Your girl has got you covered!

Let me know what you think!  Leave some comments below and tell me how you feel!

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