When A Good, Ugly Cry Is All You Need

A not so oldie, but a goodie…given that there’s a season change, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde, AND a we’re experiencing, a full, super, blood moon all at the same time, a good ugly cry just might save your sanity 🙂

The Shy Peacock

Yesterday started out as a tough one.  It was one of those days that made me feel like a complete and utter failure.  I was running around all day, yet it felt like I wasn’t accomplishing a damn thing.  It was as if time was slipping through my fingers and every project that I worked on seemed incomplete.  I was constantly short on time.  I’m on a journey of entrepreneurship and every thing that I do has a bearing on my livelihood and my children’s livelihood as well, so the accuracy and efficiency of my execution is paramount in my mind.  Although my mission and purpose is driven by love and compassion, it still must be organized, and yesterday I didn’t feel organized in the least.

That feeling extended to my role as a mother.  My boys are participating in a summer school disguised as a “summer program” and I…

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