When David Banner FINALLY Sees The God In You

Woman is God. God is Woman.  Point blank and to the period.

David Banner’s observation about a woman’s work.

A week or two ago, I was scrolling through my IG timeline, and every sista’s prototype for the articulate, super militant, down ass dude, David Banner, posted a picture from his Twitter feed, that read, “God creates life. Women create life. Maybe we as men were put here to protect God while she works.”  My immediate reaction was strong “YAASS!!! He gets it!  A man that understands the power of women AND acknowledges it!”  David Banner is pretty good about posting questions, quotes, and ideas that require people to think critically and really start engaging in deeper thought, but this one tweet took the cake for me.  It resonated so deeply that I reposted the pic and shared it across all of my social media platforms.  It struck a nerve and now all I want to do is ramble on about why being apart of the magical, mystical tribe of womanhood has been the greatest gift in life.

imageI, Simone, The Shy Peacock, identifies as a womanist that moves by spirit and by the knowledge that femininity and womanhood are badges of honor.  To know that I am a member of a group that was built to create and sustain gives me chills.  Women can give and speak life with ease.  There’s a paradigm shift happening these days.  The patriarchal power dynamic that we’ve become accustomed to is starting to shift BACK to a matriarchal situation.  So men, get prepared.  You should find, cherish, protect, and revere a woman right now.  You want to be on her good side when the gender dynamic makes its full return.

I’m not saying that women are suppose try to overpower or oppress our masculine counterparts, but that we serve as the perfect balance.  If tested or treated inappropriately, we naturally have all of the tools needed to bring that balance back in a way that may be unpleasant to our male compliments.  That’s just how it works out.

I’ll be posting more about the specific parts of the divinity of woman soon.  It’s gonna get deep.image

Today ends my Black Girl Sabbatical back to Birmingham, which means I’m hitting the road, with the boys in tow, back to the DMV.  Please pray for us as we travel back over the course of the day.  I’ll be sure to get a post up soon about the overall trip back home and what it did for my soul and life.

There will also be some big things coming from The Shy Peacock Lifestyle…some free stuff too!

Thank you all for the support with this blog and even the new business.  It’s appreciated more than you know.



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