When You Launch A Dream But You Still Need FreeLunch

That title though!  A mouthful, I’m aware, but I had to get as much in as I could, so when I look back at when it becomes an archive, I can identify the topic quickly.

I had to two major things happen within a matter of days and instead of breaking them down into separate posts, I figured I might as well combine the two topics since they are connected.

Thing #1:  I was interviewed for the first time since I decided to make some changes in Mother to Suns Promomy life and in the way I create my livelihood.  I was featured along with one of my best friends, Chauntel, on an episode of the a dope and very necessary podcast called The FreeLunch Podcast piloted by my homie from way back, BG and his partner in crime Tight.  I got to wax poetic about my upbringing, being married and divorced with kids, co-parenting, and anything else that came up.  Chauntel also came in and educated the masses about her role as a doula.  We also talked about a very special project Chauntel and I are working on.  You can listen to the interview here.  Needless to say I was nervous as hell at first, but it eventually simmered down in to easy conversation with family.  We definitely talked about how like-minded, visionary, community-minded people find each other and take the world by storm.  That’s us.  You’ll hear it in the interview.  Check out the promo video below.  You’ll get a bit of a laugh from my nervous demeanor.  Be sure to Me and BGclick the link above to learn more about the podcast.  These guys are definitely representing a #newsouthmovement.  Check out Chauntel’s doula work here.

Thing #2: I finally launched my lifestyle brand and business called The Shy Peacock Lifestyle. I’m so unsure of what to say at this point because it’s been a labor of love, an ascension above fear, and an understanding of the importance of a business acumen despite the desire to stay full focused on the creativity.  It’s definitely been an exercise in balancingGlobe Promo Logo the left and the right brains.  The Shy Peacock Lifestyle is my vehicle of service to the community.  TSPL is a service that provides tools for personal and collective empowerment and evolution.  In a nutshell, I sell and sometimes give away the tools to attain balance and peace in the midst of day to day life, as well as global revolution.  I’ll do all of that through one on one coaching, group classes, and events.  I’m nervous, excited, and motivated.  In celebration of the launching TSPL, if you’re reading this, you can use the code NEW50 to receive 50% off of your first single session.  If you refer a friend, you’ll receive even more.  The code’s good for the next 7 days!

Alright party people, I have to go, but allow me to say this: there are good people out here, trying to do good work.  My interaction with the FreeLunch crew and Chauntel the Doula prove that.  One of the bravest things we can do is support each other in our goals and dreams.  We can create platforms for ourselves and still allow others the opportunity to stand on it with us.

So…I love to hear your words of encouragement and I really need it now that I’ve taken the leap off into entrepreneur.  Any advice?  Any tips?  I want them all. Oh, and don’t forget to click here to book an appointment.  Check out some other pics from the other day and the promo for my interview.

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