Black Girl Sabbatical: The Birmingham Chronicles

imageIt’s summertime and it’s become an annual tradition for my boys to visit their father’s family in Chicago and my family in Birmingham.  This year is no different except for the fact that I had the task of getting the boys to Alabama.  My original plan was to drive them down, drop them off, and get the hell back to the D(M)V and live up a child free couple of weeks.  Due to some unexpected scheduling conflicts, it became necessary that I stay for the first week of their three week stay.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t excited at the change in plans, but my gut told me it would be just fine.  Even better than fine.

The drive home started off with a few irritating setbacks, but ultimately the ride was smooth.  When I entered Alabama, more specifically Birmingham, the energy shifted for me almost immediately.  The most accurate description of my feeling once I entered the Ham’s airspace is in one word: HOME.  As I approached downtown on highway 59, I knew that I had entered a space of safety as soon as I saw the skyline.  Every memory of fun and love entered my heart and I knew that this trip would be a bit different than the last.  Tears attempted to make an appearance just as I was passing through downtown and at that point I knew that this is where I NEEDED to be.

My niece Kennedi attacking me with kisses.

It didn’t take too long to see the personification of that difference.  I got to my mother’s house and immediately got into the process of catching up and filling her in on the latest happenings back in DC.  To lay on my “momma’s sofa” drew out a feeling of relief that I didn’t know I needed until I got up and felt like I was invincible and had solved every problem in my life.

Eventually I made it out into the city to meet some friends for a festival that featured The Roots and Common (for free might I add…Birmingham’s winning for that one) and all I expected was for a couple of hours of chilling and then I’d go back home.  I got waayyy more than that.  I think I met up with the most beautiful, revolutionary people I’ve ever known in my entire life.  I saw people that I’ve known since childhood and the reunions were heartfelt and blessed.  I conversed with folks about everything from relationships to remembrances of my mother carrying my little sister, who is now a mother herself.  I had a long exchange with a friend that’s also a comrade in change making and empowerment.  I met the most magical three year old who showed love much like the three little kings I have at home, and I had the privilege of witnessing a situation that will ultimately require me to courageous as a friend for the sake of someone I care for deeply.

imageI was commanded by more than one person to keep going with my writing and stop dragging my fit on finishing my book.  I was advised by a person that I had not seen or spoken to since I was 15 that I NEED to launch my life empowerment service as soon as possible.  In one night, a total of four hours, the Creator put every person I needed to hear from right in my path.  Not to mention the fact that Birmingham was on 10 with the number of things going on in the city at the time of my arrival.

The biggest thing that happened since I’ve been in the city (a total of 3 days to be exact), I was able to launch an empowerment series here on the blog (check it out here) that was met with immediate love and support.  More proof that Birmingham is the key to my dreams.

I think I’ll stay for a while.

My black girl sabbatical has begun.  I wonder what I’ll find along the way.  I’m excited to see how this trip shakes.

I will say one thing for sure: Washington, DC shows me the action, but Birmingham imageshows me what matters the most.  In a matter of hours, home reminded me that my dreams have descended from the clouds and have touched Earth, which effectively makes them reality.  As much as it’s my mission to make sure others hear and know that their lives matter, my city took that notion and reflected it back to me in a way that I can’t ignore or minimize.  My resolve to be true and relentless in my pursuit of the beautiful things in life is strong.

More to come from the Magic City soon…


5 thoughts on “Black Girl Sabbatical: The Birmingham Chronicles

  1. Your stories and words of encouragement are such a refreshing breeze. The jewels that are dropped are priceless and I always try to apply the lessons to my life. Thanks for these fun and positive reads. Keep writing and inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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