What The 4th Of July Really Means To Me

For most of U.S., today is American Independence Day.  It’s a time for people to come together, barbecue, hang out by the pool, and shoot fireworks.  It’s a matter of tradition for some.

For me, the holiday never really resonated, being that I’m a descendant of enslaved people of color who were not likely in the celebrating mood in 1776 and could give a rat’s butt about the colonies being independent of the British Empire.  Especially since the colonists stepped on the toes of the original owners of this soil (respect to our Native American sisters and brothers).  I’ll stop on that topic right now before it turns into a complete rant.

July 4th means this to me:

My alma mater, Tuskegee University. I was there from 2000-2005.
BTW Statue
Booker T Washington lifting the veil of ignorance in the center of Tuskegee’s campus.

And him

Booker T Washington founded Tuskegee Institute, now Tuskegee University, on July 4, 1881.

Which led to them


And then led to us…thegirlstu

thegirlshcMy girls.  They’ll probably get me for posting these pictures but they’ll get over it. Tuskegee is of course where I received my college education and was introduced to a bunch of world changers.  But the most important thing that came out of the experience for me were Mel, Drea, and Sam.  We’ve been away from Skegee for over 10 years and we’re still intact.  I’m getting all weepy as I write this so I’ll just say that despite any physical distance between us we’re still standing and sharing pretty regular text message summits to discuss the important happenings in each other’s lives.  Ha, you come for one of us, you come for us all.

We’ve all been married and had a bunch of children between the four of us, but we make time to acknowledge each other’s individual experiences, and remain standing on the four corners of that foundation that we started to build back on the Yard and at the Monument.

If you’re reading this, I love you pretty girls.  Mother Tuskegee showed us the way.

Tell me about a special group of friends you’re apart of.  We all have one so tell me about them.

Oh yeah, be on the lookout for the new lifestyle services coming down the line…

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