The Woman That Took My Breath Away

Bree Newsome removing the confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.

I woke up this morning with the full intention of sleeping as late as possible, but my social media addiction wouldn’t allow it.  As I went through my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds I kept seeing the hashtag #FreeBree and a few pictures of someone that was clearly a black woman with braids or dreads blowing in the wind as she dangled from a pole holding the confederate flag.  My initial reaction was “WTF?”  Am I seeing this correctly?  Someone actually scaled the flag pole and took the rebel flag down off of the SOUTH CAROLINA STATEHOUSE?  It didn’t take long for it to sink in that it was absolutely real.  My next thought was she’s a G which immediately led to observation, “Black women have to do everything.”

Bree Newsome being arrested after her courageous climb up a flagpole to remove the confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse when the state refused to do so.

I won’t go off on that tangent about Black women being the most put upon group on the planet right now, but it will likely come in the future.  Anyway,  Bree Newsome is the real MVP folks.  She’s an accomplished pianist, filmmaker, activist, and community organizer.  She is the movement.  She is a game changer.  She walks the walk and does the good work.  Do you understand what it means to put yourself in the cross hairs of the police and rabid racists to serve the greater good of the people?  Ms. Newsome did that and she held her head high while she did it.

Ladies and gents, I’m so in love with the woman’s fearlessness that I’m at a loss words.  There aren’t enough words to express how it feels to see someone make a move of this caliber.  Thank you Ms. Bree.

There’s an indiegogo account set up to help Bree with bail and any other legal fees.  Click here if you want to donate.

Leave some comments with your thoughts about what she did today.

Watch the full video of what she did below:

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