I Think My Head’s Going to Explode If Rachel Dolezal Doesn’t Sit Her Ass Down

Rachel Dolezal and Jon Stewart

As I started my day today, I was sure that I’d heard it all about Rachel Dolezal and that I (we) would be given a break from the absurdity of this woman’s choices but of course that’s not the case.  Believe me, I did not want to bother typing that woman’s name (see Jon Stewart’s face in the above pic) as she’s taken up enough of the news cycle and distracted the world from stories that are bit more pressing for our community, but I couldn’t help but to find it interesting that although she’s been outed and “disgraced” for her underhanded choices, she mustered up enough strength to make the rounds on morning news and other programs (see here and here) to display an almost disrespectful defiance about her choices.  Remember, she’s destroyed a whole lot in her wake, including, but not limited to, familial ties, professional ties, and even cultural ties.  She perpetrated one of the most absurd and bizarre chain of events I’ve seen in a long time.  That in itself should have sent her to bed for a few months.  Side note:  my mother and I, as well as a few others all agree, that despite the debates sparked by this woman’s behavior (transracial identity, which I don’t buy, the meaning of being Black, white privilege, and even the humor) we were all left with the same thought: this shit is just weird.  But I digress. Anyway, it made me wonder, was this her ultimate goal in the first place?  You know, to make the world talk about her over and over again and be, for better or worse, a media darling.  If that’s the case, my response is a resounding WOW…this lady is nuts and her issues a far deeper than a Chia pet weave, spray tanner, and a nose ring.  It almost seems as if her “identifying” as Black was just an opportunity for her to act out her mental “concerns”.  Keep in mind, I am in no way making light of mental issues, but is this narcissism or sociopath behavior?  I promise, I won’t be posting another thing about this woman, but what do you think?  Was her entire existence based upon a thirst for the spotlight?  Feedback please because this entire thing is all the way crazy.

I had plans to post some high fashion images for this entry but I couldn’t shake the thought that we’ve all been had even more than we can see.  Take the poll below or share your thoughts in the comments section and I promise, back to more important things the next go round.

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