And So It Begins…

It starts now…

Welcome to The Shy Peacock!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and exploring the world with me.  I’m currently in a love affair with life and I’ve decided to accept my calling as a servant of the world and offer what I have to you and the world.

As you can see, this is the first official post and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it took a long time for me to decide to take the leap and get this started.  Like a lot of people, I wrestled with the idea of sharing my personal moments with the world and opening myself and my opinions up to scrutiny.  I was crippled by that thinking for a long time until one day, specifically some time after turning 30, I decided to leave fear behind no matter what and start moving toward my best self, which is a great segway to the getting know you portion of this post.

SO…here it goes…

I’m Simone (but you can call me The Shy Peacock…trust me, you’ll come to understand soon enough)

I’m from Birmingham, AL (Southern girls stand up!)

I moved to the Washington, DC area at the age of 30 (following an ex-husband and a few dreams)

I’ve been married and divorced as I’m sure you assumed from the previous factoid about me (he and I are freakishly cool with each other)

I have 3, yes you read that right, 3 little boys under the age of 10 (and yeah, they all have the same daddy, see ex-husband)

I have a considerable number of tattoos (which makes me interesting to look at for some & off putting to others, especially fellow parents as they can go either way depending on the day)

I have big curly hair so I’m apart of the natural tribe (warning: I’ve been known to choose a bald head on a whim using my own clippers and my bathroom mirror, so this fact could change without notice)

I almost always wear gold hoops and red lipstick (makes me feel whole in a crazy, crazy world)

I dress like a teenage boy a lot of the time (thanks to my sneakerhead little cousin who’s generous with the kicks)

I dress like a grown woman the other times (I like to look pretty too much to the relief of my grandmother *blush blush blush*)

I’m pretty sarcastic and I notice a lot things around me, aka I talk a lot and it was better for me to start writing those thoughts and tangents down before I hurt someone with the rambles (welp…you’ve been warned)

One of the most important things about me…I’m unapologetically Black and feminine and I love my fellow sistas A LOT and I express that love freely (remember this when the sarcasm takes over or random moments of gushing over others)

Oh yeah, I love and gush over art, music, movies, fashion, and any other aesthetically pleasing medium of expression (I accept gifts of Wax Poetic magazines, concert tix, and gift cards for H&M and Zara)

Lastly, I’m hella into “new age” things…yoga, psychics, meditation, and anything else that gets me to the next metaphysical levels (I’m a Pisces and it’s what we do…everyone’s not about that intuitive Fish life)

There you are…I’ll come back and change this if something should change about me (I’m lying…I’d never leave the computer if I tried to keep up with the changes)

First post done…almost 🙂

I guess this could be considered the most important thing…I truly believe that my purpose is to be a servant of God and a soldier of love.  I discovered that I feel like my best self when I’m functioning from a place of love and compassion and I’m helping those around me feel empowered.  My service can come in the form of suggesting an empowering book, a straight forward statement of encouragement and kindness, a profanity laced read (lol, not so much), a beautiful piece of art, music, or fashion, and even just my thoughts on world events.

My blog serves as a place for higher vibration, positivity, conversation, and observation for both me and you.

I feel safe and majestic in the space that I hold on this earth and in this arena, therefore you are safe and majestic in this space with me.

Thank you for sharing your space with me.

Welcome to The Shy Peacock…

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